What To Apply Where In Spiritual!

Sometimes it’s very confusing to know what teachings to apply.Even the space and time seems confusing.So lets see where and when we should use our spiritual knowledge.
When you live in your material world you should know the ways and means of working through your daily routines.
These are our daily ablutions and techniques we have learnt over our lifetime as a human being.
Our parents and the society dictates our ways of living and experiencing life.
We should first and foremost follow the diktats laid down by society.
So lets get this clear once and for all- you should only behave appropriately as laid down by society with fellow beings.
Now lets get to the next level where it is important to discriminate between the real and the unreal when you are immersed in the spiritual.
Remember you haven’t given up on your material worldly life so don’t even think of becoming spiritually perfect so as to behave imperfectly with mundane world.
When you cross over to the other side and have become spiritually perfect being or as we call these people “realized“, you are allowed all kinds of misdemeanor and behaving in an almost erratic way.
Till you haven’t reached that lofty goal in life you should pay enough respect to society and behave in the most appropriate manner.
Now for the next part.
If truth be revealed to you then it really wouldn’t matter how you behave.
You may become a child or a madman and yet the world will call you crazy.
How can our little minds and intellect recognize the spiritually perfect beings amongst us?
You need to have that state alone to know the ways of these sages.
So when in Rome do like the Romans do goes the adage.
Apply your spiritual knowledge only when you are searching for truth or God. But for all mundane worldly pursuits use the material worldly knowledge.
Discriminate between the real and unreal but that will only suffice till you retain it within yourself.
For the worldly appear as worldly as you can.
I hope you have now understood how to behave in which way on the path of spirituality.

Image Courtesy by pixabay