What Use Is Social Media?

social mediaO, what use is social media? The issues raked up by the social media about the glamorous couple bring home the point that we all live in glass houses.
Everyone has their troubles and issues which get splashed on the social media and then they want to hush it up. We believe we all have some social standing and live by that. But when the same person just splashes it across the same platform that made them, in a very condescending way, it leaves one breathless and betrayed.
Why would the person do that? For garnering some sympathy or telling their side of the story?
Twitter, Facebook and other such platforms are available to the common man right on their cellphones. So sharing information becoming easier for these luminaries to take to tweets and updates. To make the world know about their hurt or anger. In earlier times, the media was called to release the information but now you can do it by posting it yourself. These were called hot news or breaking news but now the power of the same breaking news is in your own hands.
You can taint a person, draw sympathy, accuse someone of infidelity, post selfies, tweet quotes or the hard hitting words of the one who has offended you instantly. These acts will immediately gather the whisperers around you. Your cohorts, who love to read gossip churn more information than needed for the gossip mills. The spread is greater than wildfires.
Today any untoward act following the release of information is looked about as an aberration. Take the case of the singers who commit suicides leaving behind notes about what happened. Or actresses who hang themselves after leaving an incriminating message on the social system. Or some masochistic person doing a live broadcast of his own suicide.
Fights and troubles are a part and parcel of every relationship in this world. If anyone says that their relationship is a very great one where no fights take place, they are blatantly lying.
These differences can be settled amicably but splashing it for the world to gossip further is terrible. There are ways of settling these touchy issues after calming down. Settling down first peacefully and ironing out the differences can happen in a very cordial manner.
But the more glamorous you are, the more eyeballs you need to further your reach. So these media crazy people take to such methods of furthering their passions for self aggrandizement and greed for attention. But that is where the personal relationships come loose. These are made by media and break up therein alone.
Differences are dime a dozen but sorting them out in a humanly amicable fashion without causing more hurt is important.
To maintain harmony in any relationship, it is important to give and not ask. Give love and don’t demand it. Forgive others but don’t hold grudges. Empathize with your partner and understand what they mean. Listening carefully for sorting out the issue is important. Not for pointing out further mistakes. Become very compassionate and not vengeful. Know that everyone commits mistakes and are human in nature. You too are not a sage but can be one if you rise above your small mind and differences.
So there will be no need to wash your dirty linen in public. Just take it to some corner and sort it out without raking up further issues. Don’t repeat the same mistakes you did previously. Stop flogging dead horses. Don’t bring out the ugly past again and again. Let go.
This is not a story of the media but between two human beings who can be cordial and loving towards each other. Keep it private and don’t make a public spectacle of yourself or your significant other.
Now being civil to each other will not hurt. Know that any splashing in murky waters will taint not only you but others around you too. Know that there is always collateral damage that happens. So stop being a jerk and start sincerely putting in efforts towards better understanding the other.
Lastly, Facebook or Twitter or any other social tool is for furthering amity and brotherhood or sisterhood and not for flogging dead past and bringing out skeletons from the closet. Got that?

Image Courtesy by pixabay