What Went Wrong?

What Went Wrong?

What went wrong? So where did I go wrong? What just happened? This wasn’t expected! Everything was going on so perfectly and how did that happen?

These are certain questions that everyone asks themselves when things do not go as per their plan. Be it an election, relationship, job, life or whatever, man has thought out certain outcomes which do not match up to the final results.

You may say that there are past instances and history to back you up and yet the inevitable happened. There are reams of data and research that has gone into it so why didn’t the result match up to the probability? Let us see where these things really matter.

Relationships are primarily the cause of everyone’s concern. We put so much into our relationships but the unwanted outcome foxes us. There are truly devoted couples and spouses and they have promised each other eternal bonding but still the inevitable breakup happens. The solemn promises just vanish at the sight of little discomforts or tiny misdeeds. Hurtful words flow incessantly causing much damage to the happily ever after couple.

Elections or examinations are another instances where the amount of effort put in by the candidate makes him or her confident of the outcome but they aren’t prepared for what hits them then. They have employed techniques and methodologies which smell success and yet it fails them. Look around you and it will hit you hard that is exactly how it happened.

You are securely ensconced in your own tiny world of job and life but somewhere something gives away. Recession or retrenchment hits you and then the world falls apart. Again it was unexpected.
The money was coming in steadily but then it suddenly stops. It was never supposed to be that way, you say! The investment plan was going on quite well but then the company shut down.
You are left twiddling your thumb. You had thought of a tranquil retired life but this disruption changes everything. Your money and happiness disappears suddenly.

All of the above examples are plausible ones. There is no permanency in life. Everything is so dynamic and changing. Life has never given any individual respite or rest. It has shown everyone chaos and disruption. Yet, man thinks there is peace and quiet somewhere.

I still remember the story from The Bridges Of Madison County, where a simple housewife’s life gets upset by the arrival of a stranger. Then there is no peace. But before that life was going on at a steady pace.
We take too many things for granted and think that that’s how the world moves. We forget that there is destiny which shapes everything around us.

So let’s say that there is no point in dreaming of simple and straightforward outcomes of anything that is predictable. Life will never conform to our thinking. Yet, we are all suckers of the happy endings.

To live life to the fullest, man has to allow destiny to work its magic and take him wherever it wants to take him. Live in the moment and savor it always. This moments may not repeat again. Live life everyday as it comes. Live it fully and compassionately. Live it full of love and goodness. Be ready for changes. Enjoy the changes.

Spiritually, every individual has a destiny which plays out. Follow it and be on the path of righteousness. Have faith in the divine and surrender to God. There are specific parts to enact for you so do so diligently. You have your swadharma or specific tasks to perform in this life for which you are born. So perform them putting all your heart and soul in it. Let God or Guru be your guiding light. You will surely find everlasting peace and happiness in just doing that.

Remember there is no perfect ending or eternal peace and happiness in the material domain. So don’t focus on end results since they are never in your hands. Trust God and just follow your destiny and go where it leads you. Enjoy the ride.

Image Credit: Stocksnap