What’s In Your Name?

What’s in a name? Everything and nothing at all. Your name is your identity and your character. Your name was supposedly given by your parents or someone else, but let me tell you that it wasn’t. It’s yours alone and you have to live upto it.
Now if I say Cleopatra or Margaret Thacher, doesn’t it bring the pictures of these two marvelous women in front of you? Same would be the case of Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln. These names evoke such great exhilaration that you can visualize their entire being.
So what makes you believe you are not Lakshmi or Arushi when it comes to your name? You have to stand up to who you are. The grandeur and glory associated with your name has been given you for posterity. You need to live up to it. Even if your name is Alice or Peter or Jacky or Aishvarya or whatever!
You are so mighty pleased with your own name as a child. You wrote it on all your books and did calligraphic design of it. You always wanted to be a shining star. You wanted the school teacher to call out your name with pride. Your name should have been on every school bulletin board. You wanted to be part of every group and community.
Now you dread that. You feel defeated and lost. Your name doesn’t ring a bell when prizes or accolades are given. You are ashamed of that tag. You feel like the reverse of that name. A God becomes a dog. You no longer want that name to be written in golden letters. Your name tag has worn out and broken. Your house name has gathered bramble and gorse. You do not expect anyone to stop you in the street to sing peans to you or praise you to the skies.
But ask yourself again. Have you not felt like an Alakshmi when you should be Lakshmi? Don’t you want to dig your name deep into that wood grain again?
So rise and shine and stop being a bore. Get up and go. You are the epitome of that name. Be that which you are born for. Rise and shine every single day. That name is God alone. You are the power that be. A name to reckon with.
So stop procrastinating, lying, lazing, sleeping, getting drowned in sorrow or self pity. Live up to your name.