What’s Initiative?

What’s initiative? Hardly anyone works on his own steam. Everyone needs a prod before they move. Those who have their own motivation to do the stuff are called the ones who take the initiative.
The people who set their own standards of excellence and keep on bettering it with every achievement are the doers and beacons of this world. Rest are all just followers. The leaders are the baton holders.
We have been always told to take the initiative and leadership positions right from childhood. There are some who have it in their blood to take charge and lead but others don’t. Are these born leaders or do they become one? Now we can put forth various arguments for and against and there won’t be any conclusive proof whether the individual has inherent leadership qualities or not! So it is genetic or not? Driven by the circumstances or destiny? Is there any definitive answer? They say success comes to those who try hard, real hard and put in their all to succeed. But some have success thrown in their lap, you say! This world is unjust.
We all are concerned with the fruit of action and never with the focus on performance alone. We worry about winning or money or achieving the target but never for once trying real hard. Motivation has to come from within for achieving any kind of success so just let’s focus on self motivation alone.
Let’s see the disruptive forces that do not allow us to get going! Laziness, inertia, stupor and all things tamasic in nature will desist you performing your designate task. Getting rid of that devil in disguise is very important. Only self discipline can help you there. By self discipline, I actually mean getting up your lazy bone to move your fat lardy ass! Movement is essential so always keeping yourself alert is important.
The next is timing your action precisely and not dilly dallying. You have to ensure punctuality in action.
After that comes right action. The suitable type of action needed otherwise you will loose your initiative. Imagine taking wrong instruments can cause problems. Timing has to be perfect otherwise your cake will not rise correctly. Any kind of delay will burn it and taking it out before it’s done will make it worthless.
Initiative is a very important term for self esteem. You feel great about yourself if you take the lead. But you will hate others telling you what to do. It’s good for making you feel in control.
Imagine in lovemaking you don’t take initiative or lead, you will always feel lost and used.
Next trying is important. Without trying anything how will you know the truth about anything? So you gotta try and work hard at it. In case you don’t try then you will feel cheated if someone else takes away the prize.
There was this man in New York who had only some small change so when he went to play the lottery, he was feeling miserable. The clerk told him to fill out all the numbers and he missed one. Finally she asked him to give her one more as he had missed filling out that. Randomly he said 24 and to his surprise he won 3 million! So paying attention to detail is also very important.
Just don’t do anything because you want to get rid of it. Do it because it has to be done. No procrastination allowed here.
Stop giving reasons for not doing it. You will never have to give reasons for not doing if you do. To find enough reasons is also a tough task, huh?
Lastly stop bullshitting yourself and giving yourself the epitaph of a “failure” by doing something about it. You should get up now and start doing. Don’t ask me why and how! Just do it, dude! That’s initiative.

Image Courtesy by Deathtothestockphoto