What’s Special About This Diwali?

So what’s so special about this Diwali? Nothing much, you may say but key in to what’s happening around you and you will be surprised.
The firecrackers have gone down, the new clothes are not visible, the prayers to Gods are nearly finished, the sweets are from the shops, the parents are least enthusiastic, the holiday season has come on weekly holiday and there are movies whose tickets cost a bomb. Now you tell me this happens every year?
When we talk of festival we believe the thoughts of God, prayers, offerings, sweets, celebrations, etc evoke spiritual fervor but does it now? Not at all.
We have got so much entrenched in our lives that we believe festivals are some religious stuff which we can avoid. Any which way, there are no public holidays for our festivals since the government has to be secular and give everyone an equal chance. So the holiday scene is meant only for annual ones. That too we have to match with the kids vacation. Otherwise what’s the use of a holiday? Train tickets or holiday packages need to match. The airfares have touched the skies. The salaries have touched the bottom.
The idea of a festival brings shivers to all. The emi’s have to be paid, the monthly contribution for tax or insurance has to be paid along with all other monthly expenses. Now tell me how to account for it.
Suddenly the parent falls ill or there is some idiotic relatives marriage in the pipeline, school demands additional fees for the sinking fund……. It’s a never ending flow of cash outwards and little trickle inwards.
The spirit of Diwali is long gone from the midst of celebrating crowds.
In ancient times, yes, yes, ancient times means just a few years ago, we bought refrigerator or washing machines, before that a radio or a cycle, Dawn underwears or Binny dhotis, Garden silks or Cali Cloth sarees, Bedekar utna or Mysore Sandal Soaps, Moti soap, tonnes of crackers and the noisy ones too. That was a bang!
Today the kids talk about environment and carbon footprints, no bangs, no noisy stuff, non polluting ones, no kandeel but Chinese lamps which are using less power.
Now you tell me is this Diwali or some cautious sport? When you have the noisiest of sports like cricket, F1 races, raucous elections, terrorist attacks, rapes and Eve teasing, polluting drainages with toilet papers, foils from candy and chips, huge cups of coffee and paper waste at malls, fast food joints and loudest theaters. Hypocritical to the core.
We know how to celebrate Diwali by donating shoes and blood!
I never can understand what blood sucking stuff has got to do with this silly American or Singapori festival? Just like Ganesh Chaturthi had become bland and boring such is Diwali too.
Now let’s wish all. Here is my Facebook and Twitter update! Tweet tweet! Silly tweety bird brains!

Image Courtesy by pixabay