What’s Your Level Of Happiness?

level of happiness

So what’s your level of happiness? Are you happy right now? Is happiness motivated by people, things, money or God? Are you happy in someone’s company or when someone goes away? So when do you loose your euphoria? Does it take someone to come and puncture your happiness? Does sadness overtake you?
Too many questions when you don’t want to break your moments of happiness! So can I linger longer in these moments. Later when I am in a less intoxicated state can we discus about it? But that may happen any moment so hang on for a bit. I will be with you now! So what is it that you wanted to talk about? Happiness? Funny subject! Ok! Lets begin.
What’s my level of happiness, you asked! I think even a beautiful sunrise can make me happy. But like you said it is temporary. The sun will become hotter by the day and I will loose my happiness. Then there will be sunset, where again I will feel happy but soon I will be engulfed by darkness of sorrow. So I cannot say I will be happy looking at the sunrise. Maybe looking at my daughter growing in age. But again she will grow up too soon and go away leaving behind a pall of gloom. You asked if things could give that. Maybe they can or can’t. Given the circumstances, I felt very nice when I bought my first set of shades. But then I lost their charm when I saw my friend owning the same glasses. I chucked them then and there. Why did she have to go and buy the same type as mine, I never could understand.
Listen I don’t know anything dude. God also cannot give me happiness. On the contrary I don’t believe in any god or whatever. I believe in nature. So if nature wants to give me whatever it wishes to, it will. I won’t dispute that.
When my boyfriend ditched me, I became distraught and felt my world has come to an end. I even contemplated ending my life and I am ashamed of it now. I was so stupid then. But now I wonder what the hell made me think that way for that creep? So what you say is true. Others can influence me very much.
Forget it, I don’t know anyone who can give me happiness or anything at all. So you tell me. I am willing to listen. Shoot!

Happiness is nothing but a part of your feelings in your own being which makes you joyful. But it goes away because we believe the things outside gives us joy, happiness, sorrow or sadness. The thing or person outside can influence our feelings because we allow them to. But if we numb our senses and then look at objects outside then they will not make us victims of conclusions. We should stop being judgmental. Why do we allow objects outside to color our mind. The happiness you seek is never outside of you. You can choose to remain happy if you want to. It’s your choice.
Remember what has to be will be and knowing it can make you see the truth. The truth lies within you. You can choose to be happy if you wish to. It’s in your hands alone. You can be happy or sad if you wish to be. So prefer to be happy. See this whole universe as good alone. Know that whatever happens in your life is for the better. If not for you then you become an example for others. So seek happiness inside of you. You are always happy. It’s a frame of the mind.
Remember mind is an imaginary creature, same way you think of god in your world. So why is it affecting you? Stop this self torture and become happy instantly. Every situation passes away so trust that even that little sadness will turn into happiness and joy. Believe in your own power of being happy! Seek it inside of you.