When Are You Getting Married?

married“You should get married.”
“When are you getting married?”
I am sure all you guys and girls who are not married and have crossed a certain age are asked this everyday. Your parents, friends, relatives or even complete strangers will ask you these questions!
So what are your reasons for not getting married? Let’s get that first thing answered. Maybe the opportunity never arose, the right guy or girl never appeared, the affaire de la coeur took toll, you had a bad experience, you fear marriage, after seeing your friends breakup, you decided never to get into it, or whatever silly and stupid reasons that are available you would love to offer!
But the hard truth is simply, there were not many chances which you could take. In some places it is lack of funding, the charts didn’t match, too much dowry, the elder sibling has yet to get married and yet some more reasons.
Now let’s not say that you don’t ever want to get married! Your friends will say a lot on that. These advisors are prompt to dole it out but when it comes to their own “happy married life,” these are the same people to dissuade you. They will say in private that they feel you are really very lucky that you are not married. So why the two faced appearances? They tell you forcibly to get married but they themselves are rueing the day they got married. Their marriage is in shambles and tottering on the brink towards separation or divorce. Their only reasoning for delaying the process is kids, money or what will the world say! Otherwise, they are ready for instant freedom, if there weren’t any responsibilities towards the above mentioned. Hypocrisy is the main reason to tell you to get entangled. Maybe they don’t like your freedom. Who knows? And why do you care?
Slinking away from these folks is the one thing you like doing. You avoid your relatives and the pesky friends too. You know you hate that old aunt of yours who keeps on catching you at some unlikely places too! She loves prodding you and irritating you.
The reason for not going home or visiting your parents is this alone. The moment you step inside the house, they will start apologetically knowing your touchy nature but later they have the guts to probe it at every sitting on the dinner table. You hate being around. You just hope that your holidays or so called sojourn ends and you run back to your job. You hide yourself behind some silly program or game. You don’t want to be seen even at television group watches.
Now you have become a recluse and everyone thinks it’s because you are not getting the right bride or groom. Even after repeatedly telling them that you don’t want to get married, they just hound you so you have shut yourself up. You want to run away to some place where these people can never catch you.
You know you have done crazier things too. Hid yourself from the Facebook, too. You changed your number. You have put a DND on your phone too. Your accounts at all the marriage websites are disabled or disbanded by you. Yet you wonder how in the name of God these idiots get your number or email id?
So it’s no wonder that all your married friends are jealous of you. Yet they are like your parents! They still ask you what will you do in your old age? With no spouse around you will be lost, they say.
And you answer- so what good would that do if one of us dies earlier? Or if the marriage doesn’t last? What guarantee does anyone have? The negative possibilities are endless, right?
“So why would you want your best friend to become a martyr?”
“Sorry, dude, let me enjoy my freedom till it lasts!”
“And hey! The next time you ask me the question, you will have to give me a thousand bucks. What says?”

Image Courtesy by pixabay