When Did The Sun Ever Set?


When did the sun ever set? Not in a million years. It only hides for a short duration of time. When it does, the doomsday sayers tell you that it is never going to rise again. They come with all remedies to avoid the doom.
But the sun rises again to a new day bringing forth the same charm. The changes that happened during its setting time were necessary and required for the creation.
Our life too runs such course. We too are like the sun and the moon. Sometimes we are raring to go like the harsh sun. Sometimes we are just starting some activity like the sunrise. Some other time some activities are coming to a close like the sunset. There are various hues in life also. The parabolic path followed by the sun are also equal in nature to our life cycle. We rise and become bright then we turn at the peak of high noon above the head. We go straight up in life. Just above and then the descent starts. The sun starts loosing the heat and glory. It comes down close to earth and then sets giving off its last glorious effect of the red ball. Sometimes external circumstances like the clouds or situations hides the glow. But they rain or just vanish. The sky becomes clear and we again are back in our journey. Life lives like sunrise, day, afternoon, evening and the sunset. Clouds and difficulties come and wither. Life grows by the day.

SunThe other thing that rules us is the moon. Le lune or the moon. It is connected to the mind and its plays. There is waxing and waning of the moon. The states of mind are equally like that. We are mentally in the high for just a few days and then our waning starts. We grow to full glory and then we dissipate just like the moon loosing glory. But fear not we will again rise to full glory. It won’t last long. Sometimes we get high, other times we are depressed beyond measure. Tides are ruled by this state. At the height of attraction we rise higher and otherwise we are low or at ebb!
They believe the sun and the moon rule our life. So the old philosophers came up with the astrological ephemeris. We are sure to find the quirks of human nature in the stars or is it the other way round?
I am sure, very divine beings would surely influence the stars. Who can tell?