When The Master Goes To The Dogs!

When you see over pampered dogs, cats or even children, you feel agitated and perplexed, wondering how can these people do that? Your heckles are raised to see the amount of fussing going around when such parents or pet owners, overdo it!
You consider the dog to guard the house and sleep in his place, not eat from the pet lovers plate or sleep on his bed! But when that happens, you are frustrated and appalled. How can they???
So it means that God has not created everybody equal. So each and everyone of us are right in our places. So then what makes us go out of the way to help someone? Help the servant or maid in the house? Feel sad and empathize with her and do her job for her? Does your boss do your job? No! Then why are you doing hers?
If a dogs job is to guard the house from intruders and pests so isn’t it proper for them to be kept outside the house and not in your bed?
Even in your office or work place, does your boss or company treat you like God and put you on the head or a pedestal? Never! You are treated like dirt. So what makes you think that you should give royalty treatment to your servant? If God wanted to make everyone equal then He would have made everyone the same.
So a policeman is a policeman and the thief better be scared of them. A politician is a politician and he has to manage his throne well. He will not allow the common man to sit on it.
You may go and argue your head off but know that God has given that man some position so you need to honor and respect it. Even though you may think him not worthy of it. But then who the hell do you think you are to make judgement about it? If you so care about it then you should have been in his place. Has anyone stopped you from getting there?
Btw, you will also end up being no different than the one you want to replace. Power goes to the head of even the revolutionary when he becomes the leader. So you are no different. To know what I am saying empathize with the down lines.
So if the dog is made the master, then where will the master go? Reminds me of the story,”the Arab and the camel.” A camel was out in the desert cold and the Arab who was in the comfortable tent felt sad for him so he allowed the camel to put his snout inside the tent. Later, the Arab felt sad and allowed the camel to put his neck in. The end of the story is the camel was inside the tent and the Arab was thrown out of the tent. This story clearly shows that everyone should be kept in their places because God has made them that way. So stop trying to go out of the way to help the camels in life. Otherwise they will throw you out of your own tent!
My job is a teachers job so stop trying to become one. If God wanted you to teach then He would have made you one. So respect the position and honor the ones who should be honored. Treat everyone the way they need to be respected and not in a way that they don’t deserve.
Everyone is perfect in their own place so stop acting foolish and overdoing your act of kindness. Be kind to them by letting these creatures be who they should be! Not whom you want them to be!!!