Buck stop

Where Does The Buck Stop?

Buck stopSo where does the buck stop? Does it stop at your upbringing, your past or somewhere else? When you see parents or teachers coaching a child on the finer nuances of games or studies, you feel that they are doing a wonderful job. It turns out that the same child may become the worlds greatest cheat or swindler.
Cases of people taking performance enhancing drugs during games or copying in exams brings to light that the teachings weren’t those misconstrued ones, but to be righteous and true to their learnings. But alas, the child on growing up, shows a completely different tract. The child has been taught to respect authorities and elders, but turns out to disobeying almost everyone, even the signal lights. Where does this kind of behavior come from? Every psychologist or psychiatrist may try to unravel the recesses of mind to arrive at their deeper conclusions. Relying on heavy degrees and learnings, they too make the same mistake as their clients of some instances or devils from the past. Never have the kids been taught to cheat or lie but they do as elders. These same mind scientists unravel some long forgotten incident from the past childhood to name it as the cause of their current behavior.
But is that so? We, in spiritual believe all happens due to two things which are called karma or
Destiny and the other is vasanas or tendencies.
Karma makes you follow a fixed path in life, laid out for you. It is like the twin rail lines. You have to be on the two rails. Otherwise you cannot move. No derailment allowed on the path of destiny. So the first point is, you will have no choice as far as the path goes. Choice is to stop or backtrack or take another rail to reach the same end point. So destiny will lead you correctly on the set path.
The second is vasanas or tendencies. These vasanas are the root cause of our behavior. The man tends to drink, smoke, womanize, do drugs, cheat, etc..only due to his tendencies. There are two kinds of tendencies- inherent and acquired. The inherent ones come as a complete package along with the body. These are original equipment type. These are from past lives. You can observe them in child prodigies. These wonderful people can play a piano without much formal training, dance like a pro, bat like hell, sing beautifully, etc.. The root cause for that is inherent tendencies.
Then there are acquired ones which we get from our environment and people around you. Like drinking may be an acquired one, so also lying or others. These tendencies may take a permanent shape in the life of that individual. These can become the stumbling block in working out the current karma. They can add on more such karmas to the futures account. So tendencies can be dangerous and can cause too many complications.
So every action is guided by these two main causes. Karma and vasana.
No God is involved here. Only His Master-plan is in effect. So when someone says that God has put me in this place, know that karma has driven you to that destination. You are destined due to your past karmas to appear over there at that instant. Your response to all issues are the workings of your mind alone. What decisions you take whether they are on the path of righteousness or leading you to the wrong conclusion will put you through the grinds of subsequent karmic loops. So, that which the being does is based on these criteria. Nothing else matters.
Hence, if someone says that their parents haven’t taught them the things that they need to learn and blame them for their own inefficiencies or shortcomings, know that these folks are hiding behind someone else’s backs. So stop blaming anyone or anything for your own issues and accept it, that at the end of the day, the buck stops only at your own doorstep.

Image Courtesy by pixabay