Where Is The Alpha Male?

Where is the alpha male?
Today when I look around me, I am not able to locate a single alpha male. So who is this alpha male? ‘An alpha male is the top-ranking animal in a social group, according to Wikipedia.’
The younger women in the social circle are searching for that super gene giving male. They can go to any length to search and find that. A young girl is today a powerhouse of activity. She has education on her side. Works very hard for her degree or college. Gets the best of education and strives extremely hard to top all. She has too many things to do. She loves to chair committees and forums. She wants to do social work or as they say CSR activities. She wants to lead everywhere. She works hard for her scholarships and fees. She even goes to the length of selling her services to fulfill her innermost desires of getting to the top of the heap. She can be rightly called the replacement for the male. She has become alpha female. But there is a catch.
She tries very hard to land the best job. The one she can be married to for her ambition. But if that doesn’t give her the satisfaction she moves on. Her eyes are always peeled to that incessant goals of becoming a leader. She is ruthless in her approach. She is willing to do anything to reach the top. She will close down a branch or sack even 400 employees of the company and never feel any pain. She is a mean machine.
During her other hours, she has no qualms of spending money on herself. She buys the best equipment for her destination. She searches the bars and other places for the alpha male. She puts out her name on Tinder, Craig’s list or some other app so that she can get to her desired points in life. She is like the lioness hunting for her prey. She locates that one and devours him. She sometimes finds him palatable and other times she savors him. Discarding that worthless piece of duds she meets. Unable to find someone who can match her agility and energy she moves to the next.
What she observes in the current breed of males she surveys is appalling to her. She finds these males have no spine, cannot take decisions, are very much lost in their own coiffure and looks, play every stupid games, are lost in useless stuff, stay at home, drink and eat unmanly stuff, delicate is their constitution, weak at heart, cannot conform to any norms, not disciplined at all, want vacations, never take dominant position in bed, want to pander to them and so many other things that an alpha male doesn’t do. The new male is domesticated like their cats. They love cosplay.
Unable to search and locate such a man, they become disillusioned soon. They marry some silly person that comes along. He seems close to their set ideals and standards. But it’s a sham. He cannot even touch the surface of that dream man. They believe they can be great mothers but that doesn’t work. They need support from nannies or housekeepers. Being alpha females, they are always hungry and not satiated. Divorces and separations becomes too easy.
These are the current breed of dynamic females on the prowl. Soon the world will be full of them. There will be no alpha male anywhere. The ones that are available will be torn to shards since there are too many of the female kind in search of him.
You really believe this is my dream. Wake up. You are now entering the zone of this alpha female. You can’t match up to them. They are the tigresses and lionesses. Beware! They are the Kali of tomorrow who can even trample their own male if need be. There is no stopping them now.

Alpha male
Alpha male

Image Courtesy by       Elitedaily