Where Is The Water?

Where is the water?
Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink! Can you imagine this condition in the world? Yes, we live in this whole wide world with most of the earth inundated with water, yet there isn’t any potable water to drink!
We live in countries where it’s not a norm to give drinking water to anyone. Whereas in India we offer water and sweets to any atithi or guest who comes to our door. Abroad the hotels do not offer even that freely available water. They put some tiny bottles of water and write there that these are gratis! How stupid can that be? Man lives on three things food, clothing and shelter in that order. Water and air come first. These are our birthright. Yet, you have to pay a bomb for clean water and pure air.
The big bottling companies have taken over your water supply. They tell you not to drink water from anywhere otherwise you will have Delhi or Bali belly or whatever. C’mon you are kidding us! There is clean water available everywhere but we hardly care to give it. Everywhere we get recycled water. But why?
Can we not create healthy water storage facilities first in every country and then bother about the rich bottling companies later? Any which way these water sellers are catering more to the westerners who think it’s stupid to drink potable tap water. Their country has sent them telling how dirty our third world countries are. They should be careful and drink only bottled water and soft drinks. Or beer and liquor. Isn’t it like walking through the dirtiest swamp and yet thinking that you will not get dirty? Foreigners show the dark side of the country where people live in shanties and poop in the dirtiest places. How stupid can that be? They win Oscars for that portrayal of poverty and utter helplessness.
Coming back to water now, it’s high time we started to think about giving pure drinking water from natural resources. Not charging them for it.
People abroad are so much used to cleaning their asses by paper that they remain like that the whole day. There is a Japanese company called Toto which is trying to promote health faucets for cleaning the behinds after going to the loo. They are banging their heads against a dead wall since it’s so very difficult for them to educate humans the usage of water for cleaning yourself.
We in India are so much used to water in our loos that to use the western methods only belongs to the snotty types. Paper consumption is the biggest enemy of trees and thereby usage of water goes to trees. More water will get used up.
There is an agency promoting a very obnoxious video which talks of Indians going for defecating outside in the open. So they came up with some catch line- “take your poo to the loo.” But they should have added for international audience too where they talk of use water to clean your backside. So that you become more green friendly.
I know the propagators of toilet tissues will cream me here. But you know guys, the paper manufacturer is taking you to the cleaners literally. Enough of this shitty nonsense.
The water is available aplenty and we should conserve it. Dig big lakes and store water like olden times. Get water from rivers and use purification systems. The duty of the reigning powers is to give this simple stuff like clean and pure water to all citizens. For the snotty types, let them drink their fill from the bottled mineral springs water worldwide. Why bother about them? But please take care of those who need it.
It’s a rip off for paying so little of water from bottles in restaurants and public places.
Be kind to one and all and provide them with drinking water as a courtesy and on humanitarian grounds. Stop making a fast buck on these naturally available resources.
Drink pure water from your taps and give others free too.

where is the water

Image Courtesy by   NBC