Which Path Is Suitable Today?

suitableWhich path in spiritual is the right one? This question was asked by one of my disciples in the satsang. Let us see which path can be more suitable here and now. The discussion always starts with Dnyana or Knowledge path. The idea is to dissect God in many ways so as to know Him. Making a mincemeat of God, you can hardly find the truth about Him. You will only find the bits and pieces about Him. Mansur Al Hallaj himself was cut to pieces for saying Anal Haq! Its extremely difficult in today’s day and age to know God with all our limitations. Ego rears its ugly head even at the sign of little knowledge. Then we can take up the path of Karma yoga. To live in this world dedicating all actions to God seems extremely tough and then not bothering about targets, achievements and results. You do all your actions for some purpose and you always expect results. Even when you write your examinations or go to hospital for blood or other reports. Your life is constantly logged into daily affairs even if you are in the Himalayas. Then to dedicate all actions and results to God seems very far fetched too. The other paths like Kriya or Kundalini yoga have a lot of stuff where total undivided attention is needed and where do you expect that to happen? In the mountains or in extreme cold? First and foremost, to find a Guru like Babaji is the impossible thing and then to top it all you gotta pay for tuition’s even if you find some guru! Hatha yoga or pranayam and any other path related to the above are too far fetched. I went to places where the great book-writer yogis resided to attend their classes and saw all foreign shishyas there and could never compete with their Dollar paying skills. Education in all sorts of kriyas come at a very high costs. Groups that you may join have too many do’s and don’ts and you better be ready with your visiting cards since these places are good for business. Then there are places where they offer you magic charms and poojas to overcome difficulties. Have you wondered why these same goons cannot change their money making deficiencies? After going to yogis and babas who are dime a dozen you are sure to come to channels on television or Youtube. If only the great exponents could stop their media hungry ways you can understand the truth. Then we can come to Tantra and believe me its is the most distorted method of reaching God today. The word Tantra only seems to smell of SEX! Check up the various websites and you can get to it sooner than anything. Better to visit some shady massage parlour and learn that then reach God through Tantra. Though it is the most eligible path today but highly risky. Then finally what are we left with Japa? If you could get ONE charmed mantra I would be happy. I met a great Swamiji who doled out mantra to a million candidates. Wow, a million realized souls! Or maybe billion? If you could get mantra diksha like this then everyone would be God sooner. Lastly we are left with Bhakti Marg. Here the catch is Absolute faith in The One. You do not seem to have faith in anyone especially the one who asks for money or whom you have lent it. Forget that-you don’t trust even your own self to keep to your promises or commitment and here you are asked to have absolute Faith in God? Next is Complete surrender. You can surrender only to your wife when you get married but as soon as familiarity settles it…surrender goes out of the window! Then its about single pointed Devotion and now again its difficult to have that. Everyday we want to change our Internet Service provider or our cellphone company. Or change brands, or want another husband. Even the heroes change. Lastly its all about Unconditional Love and you actually nod. Seems like a cakewalk? Even Bhakti marg has its own pitfalls. But lets give Bhakti a chance since it does not cost money or time or some bullshitter teaching us what to do or not. Not even Dollars! You can practice it and it really does not matter if you succeed or fail. Just log in to Bhakti and keep it going. There is no one to check on you here. You can bend the rules and still you can play on. Its you and God alone. And if you are lucky you may actually meet Him!