Who Am I?

Who am I? I am nobody. I am not a teacher, neither a guru, nor any other. So still you are confused about it? So let me explain.
In school there are teachers of English, Science, Geography, etc., who teach you subjects. You are having no knowledge about the subject so they teach you. You learn class by class. There are different teachers for same subjects or different subjects. Or same teacher for all the subjects. These are teachers who increase your knowledge about this world. They show you the different aspects of the knowledge. They teach you unknown subjects. They are honored and get salaries for what they do. We all have teachers to take us ahead in worldly life.
Then there are gurus who teach us how to understand. The term guru means remover of darkness. He talks about spiritual subjects. He talks about God. You know about it, isn’t it? Your parents or grandparents taught about Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible, etc.. They told you to read and explained the stories therein. You listened to them and felt overwhelmed by the mythologies. You even saw the funny stuff like demons and gods on the television and liked it. You never believed in it at all. Your logical mind asked you to rethink about this god. How can god fly? There is no archeological proof of any demon or ten headed monster! No one can split the Red Sea. Dead man cannot become alive unless he is in deep coma. So to answer all these questions, along came this person who is called the guru. The guru told you he is teaching spiritual stuff. The small guru taught you outside stuff about prayers, rituals and rites. He told you about some gods. Whereas the big Guru told you- Spirit is all about inside of you. Look inside was his refrain.
The guru brought a candle in a dark room. He told you to step inside. There is a step so mind it, he said. There was furniture and walls, obstacles and objects to go around. He showed the candle and pointed out the stuff and you just moved with full attention. So this guru showed all that Ramayana or Bible is inside of you. It exists but there is darkness of ignorance or understanding. You saw everything with the glow of the light. The stuff that was inside this body of yours or the room as I said. You nodded your head and just followed the way around. He showed the heavens and hells inside of you. You started understanding the stories now. This is called spiritual knowledge.
The guru told you he lives inside of you. Inside of everyone. You now understood that spiritual knowledge that you are thinking outside is actually all within. The guru is the one who just removes the veil of darkness that covers your spiritual knowledge. He teaches you pranayama, hatha yoga and meditation. Every guru is special. He shows you how to move around different sections and reach the same knowledge.
So now let me tell you about the gurus in life. There are Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Saibaba, Ramanna Maharishi, Saint Peter, St. Francis, etc.. Again there are sages like Vyasa, Vishwamitra, Vasistha, Agatsya, etc.. These are storehouse of information or knowledge and they all live within you. Every guru teaches you how to unveil yourself and know the truth.
I too, perform a small portion of this task. I show the candle also. But that I do only for some moments in your life so I cannot say I am the ultimate.
The gurus pray to gods and The Lord. They show you rites and rituals. I never do that.
I touch the feet of all these gurus and gods. I cannot teach you rituals, meditation, pranayama or hatha yoga. They show you the path of cleanliness or satwa. They exhort you to be good and be vegetarian, not to drink or womanize. But I don’t do that. I tell you that if you want to wear funny clothes, you can. If you want to drink, you can. Or you want to jump off the cliff you are free to do so. There are no permissions required whereas I am concerned. You are free to come and free to go. I don’t have any hang ups if you give me money or not. Bow down or not!
In my world you are free to do what you want. I don’t force you. I bow down to all the above gurus and pray to them. So I hope you can understand that I am the dust of the feet of these great teachers and gurus. So I am nobody. I am smaller than the smallest and the weakest. I am nobody because those who know will tell you that even this body is not mine. I don’t own anything. So do as you please. Come if you want to and go whenever you want. If you have come to seek knowledge, I have none. You are free with me. I am just your friend. I can’t teach anyone. Everyone is knowledgeable. I am still nobody. I bow to you all.

Who am I?

Image Courtesy by     Sarahconnors