Who does it?

book-659203_1280Now the question arises in the mind when something happens to us is who has done that-is it me or is someone else involved in the happenings in my life?
Since childhood we have been brainwashed into believing that God does it all and he is the doer, we are just pawns and he plays with us all the time!
Let me give you the spiritual meaning of it all.
We are all subject to destiny or as we can call it a programmed bit of information. Just like an applet of java.
We do all those things that are programmed into us.We grow up,get hairs,grow nails,etc etc. They are a part of that fixed program in our life as a living entity.
Since we have very little knowledge of what is going to happen in our life, we attribute all the happenings to this strange entity called God. But if we are following a strict program then how can he be responsible for anything happening to us? Then we say that all that must be a part of a grander plan or a big design!
So who plugs into what is a part of a grander design!! Here we again leave it to that God-He does all that connections and disconnections!
So when something wrong happens to us we attribute it to the God who caused all the havoc in our lives but when something good happens we attribute it to our own selves!
Still the question does not get answered! Who does it?
The answer is we all follow a grand plan and the chief architect is the God but He can only be the overseer and not the real executor. The past karma is the real designer of the plan.We just follow the plan and architecture.The rules are all set at the beginning of time by the first man. He is the one who wrote all the laws of this creation under the guidance of that God.
We just follow them and there are punishments and rewards just like your annual review.
So based on our performance review in every life we get the required rewards or punishments.
U may ask- do we not have any say in the above?
Of course, its our life so we do have some say in it too.
We can do some alterations to the current status by positive karmas or negative ones. The results are known to us so do the necessary changes to it. Remember the effects may be in the future lives or sometime later. We know that it takes a long time to cook in this worldly oven!You may plant the mango trees but the fruits may be reaped by some other person and by you in some other life or form later.
So we are the real doers and the writers of this destiny, so why not write a better script and tighter editing so that the final product looks really great and then we can all applause and say that-I did it!

Image Credit: Pixabay