Who Is The Guru?

Who is the Guru?
Guru is not a teacher because teacher is a professional who earns living out of teaching.
Guru is not a mother because the mother gives birth to a mortal human being.
Guru is not the father because the father works for his own family and suffers for them.
Guru is not a friend since friends are made in a lifetime who leave you after death.
Guru is not the God of knowledge, since the God has knowledge as a function.
Guru is not a mentor since they show you how to progress in the material world.
Guru is not the God that you pray to since that God is still dependent on the Guru.
So who is the Guru?
He is the One who is the doorway to God, divine knowledge, creator to destroyer of material domains, fount of knowledge, parent to all the parents and child to all the children. He is neither the body nor the mind. He is full of love, compassion, kindness, goodness, benevolence and magnanimity. He cannot be appeased by money or any offering. He is not corruptible. He is detached and always lost in the Self or divine. His physical manifestation makes us believe Him to be involved in the world of Maya. It’s impossible to fathom His depth of knowledge or His love for the devotees.
The foolish assume Him to be the body and attribute all human qualities to Him. His human nature is on full display for the unbelieving. He appears weak and faulty. It’s only a facade to disturb the minds of the disbelievers.
Dattatreya who is the highest of the Sadgurus once to dissuade the Gods from disturbing Him, walked out of the lake with two beautiful buxom women and a bottle of liquor and continued to consume both. The Gods didn’t flinch. They prayed to Him to stop His bewitching maya creating that illusion. He promptly destroyed that illusion and told the Gods to ask for a boon. The Gods asked for the destruction of Sahasrahar Arjun. He promised the Gods that Dattatreya Himself will be born to destroy Arjuna. That was accomplished by Parshuram’s birth.
So have complete faith in the Guru. Surrender to Him and have love and devotion towards Him. Then you will attain the highest weal.

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