Who Owns You?

ownsSo who owns you? How are people born? They are believed to be born out of sexual union of male and female. What does that verse in Gita mean? Everyone believes that the child born to the woman has come about with the release of the sperm from a man so they believe in ownership of that new born human.
Every parent believes that the child belongs to them. They show possessiveness of that which came out of their body. This is completely a wrong understanding. Just because some object came out of your body doesn’t give anybody ownership of it. Doesn’t poop or nose gunk also come out? Why don’t you take ownership of that too? Even all kinds of bodily secretions come out of ones bodies? So why don’t you treat it as your own child and nurse it?
So when parents say to their son or daughter, I gave you birth, you owe it to us, we gave you education and helped you all along grow up into such a big person….. Blah blah. All the tirade a young person listens to when there are heated arguments in a family. The young person believes they have ownership of their own bodies and when parents want to deride them, these youngsters come up with their own version of ownership.
The young people say to their parents- you gave me birth because you wanted to screw each other up. It was your lust and sexual appetite that brought us in this world. You were not doing us any favor by f..ing each other. It’s your greed to have children that you gave birth. And anyway now you think it is a mistake so you can’t do anything about it. Why do we have to suffer for your mistake?
Isn’t that how it goes always when there are certain arguments in the family? But both don’t understand that they are all wrong.
The truth is simply this. If we were to consider that humans are born the way mentioned above by sexual union, then it’s wrong. Why is marriage needed? Does a woman need a man anyway? You can take a small smatter of sperm and create a baby! Why the marriage then? You don’t need a mother too. Someone’s sperm, someone’s egg and someone’s body is enough to create babies. Some other can then take care as foster parents! So where is the legitimacy?
On the other hand lets do transplant of body tissues and put together a man. Someone’s heart, someone’s brain, intestines, legs, hands, etcetera…. So who is this human? Android? Alien? Robot? Who? So you tell me what is the use of a mother, father or whosoever in this world to possess you? No one can possess you.
But is it body tissues or sperm or ova or womb that has legitimate ownership of the person? No one can own the human being!!!
You can have a flesh and bones human born but who will put life in it?
Do you understand that just providing ingredients to create an object doesn’t confer ownership of any object including human beings! It’s the essence in you that is the real you. Otherwise you are worthless piece of flesh. Haven’t you seen people in coma, or still born children? These are vegetables without life. So the truth is the power within us or that energy which cannot be explained which is us.
In spiritual we call it the spirit. That is also referred to as Gods potency to make us alive. It’s life. So the substratum of all is God alone and not some flesh and bones. Only God can claim full ownership of you. No one else can. No so-called parent or spouse or kids can take ownership of you. You are that
Divine being in a body. So stop thinking of yourself as owners of your bodies. You are that divine one. Only God is your father and mother and no human can claim your ownership. Comprendez?

Image Courtesy pixabay