Who Says There Aren’t Happy People?

Who says there aren’t happy people in this world? I am happy and I have nothing to complain about. There are many people out there who are saying this.
I am actually happy, with my job, the money that I earn, my family and my home too. I don’t have any reason to be unhappy. If I was unhappy, I would be telling you how less I get paid, how my wife and kids treat me, my bosses and my subordinates cribs, my in laws and my parents discomfort and so on. But I ain’t telling you that! I take my annual holidays to exotic locations and I also spend enough time on my hobbies. I love to shoot photographs and play tennis. You should see my backhand now. Look at my collection of albums. Oh, I only post a few on the Internet. See, I am not seeking publicity or acclaim from anyone. It’s my hobby so I just do it.
My kids go to the best educational institutions and my eldest is studying for her Masters abroad. My youngest is doing her o levels and she is brilliant. I have provided for their future and I do have enough savings too.
Now you ask me about my sex life! It’s going fine. I don’t have any complaint. We know each other well. After all we have been married for a very long time. She is doing fine. My wife has her world to look at. She attends her classes and she seems quite satisfied with life. Why don’t you ask her, if you don’t believe me?
We are believers of course! We take our annual pilgrimages too. Last time we visited Jerusalem and took a tonne of photographs. Can I show you my albums? I posted a few of them on Facebook and there were so many likes for them. Ask any of my friends too. They will tell you I have nothing to complain about. I am very much satisfied man and I feel contented. Anything else, you want to know about? Can I leave now? Btw, why are you doing this survey? I have the latest gizmos too. iPhone to iMac. My daughter loves Samsung though!
I am sure, you haven’t come across another person like me? See, there aren’t any happy people in this world. Everyone runs after something or the other always. I always keep myself abreast by reading the latest books of Paulo Coelho, Deepak Chopra, Rhonda Byrne, Dalai Lama and some great spiritual literature also. I find my happiness in that too. I also practice meditation and do yoga. Not regularly but I compensate that by going to the gym regularly. About death? Someday we all have to die? Isn’t it? So why do I need to bother about it? I am fine with death. I really don’t sweat about what I don’t know much about. My political views are also known. I believe we should all vote for the right kind of government and honest leaders. And about all these rape cases! I think these guys need to get a tough jail sentence. Who am I to judge? There is a judicial system which I believe in so why worry about it? Btw, I just want to add that last week I bought a latest Toyota. Now you tell me do I look like I want anything at all in life? I am fully satisfied with what I have!
I have no complaints with life!!!
Now you ask me why I read self help books and go to places of worship? Isn’t that stupid! I go there for no specific reason. I have nothing to ask God. But then actually I don’t know why I go there. Maybe I am seeking something. I don’t know. Books I read for academic interest. But again if you ask me why? I have no answers! Maybe we are all seeking something in life. We don’t know. You ask me, why I attended that weekend retreat conducted by these Buddhist guys. Oh! I like what they teach. It’s very calming and I get to meet other like minded people there. We all get together and serve the society too. We have this monthly camps where we give back something to the society. I love working with those deprived children. It’s so heartening to see them happy with what we do. I saw Slumdog and I was very much taken in. It’s so sad to see all those deprived children so I go and do my bit for the society.
What else can I say! I am happy!
I hope you got what you wanted from my interview. Just let me know when you are going to publish it. I will keep my eye on the journal then. Thanks for coming in and considering me worthy enough for your interview. I don’t see what’s so special about me that you wanted to meet me about. I am a simple human being with simple tastes and not many achievements.
Take care. Bye bye!

Photo Credit: Pixabay