Why Am I Here?

The question which we all seem to want an answer about is– “why am I here?” Very easy, yet the toughest one to answer.
First let us see what the sages say, then you judge if you are left wanting or are satisfied. The sages are sort of scientists from the spiritual world, who have some knowledge about stuff the common man has very little idea about.
The sages talk about Gods great plan and the way karma works out, we have to be here. It is something like this, first God created the Master plan, then He put people in this world. They all started to do some activity or karma happened. Then to repay that there were more lives to be taken. You were born again and again to complete the cycle of karma. What you sow is what you reap. You took money from someone, you gotta pay it back. If not in this life then in some other. All this happens as per the grand plan of God. Sounds not so convincing?
Alright, here goes another explanation. These good old folks said that to run this entire universe and keep it functional, all those who need to serve that purpose will be here as per the need of the hour. Just like keeping a well oiled machinery working. The infrastructure has to be in place and so also the ones who keep it running smoothly.
Then there is the third story. Everyone is here for some purpose, they affirm. We believe in those words, so if there was no purpose, why would you go anywhere at all? So that makes God with some aim in this world. He wants you to do something and so He puts you in that place.
The strangest ones say, that we are all in Gods dream. He just closes His eyes and conjures us up. Just like a dream, there is no particular purpose so we are all born and we die but being a dream, we just fade in and fade out of the screen.
Then some other believe that the only purpose for us being here is to reach Him. The ultimate aim of this life is to know God and go towards Him. Merge in Him or become one with Him. It’s said in the scripture, that first you have to know thyself then know God. He will then take you to His heaven and then live inside of you.
So everyone has different thoughts and everyone talks about some movements towards a divine being called God, unmanifest and so on.
Then there are just those sages who believe that you should only know who you are. That is knowing the self, which they say is God Himself. They teach about Self discovery and going towards their truth.
Then some ask you to be good to others, do good to everyone, worship the elements and so on. Some others suggest that there is no god or anything to go to. There is actually no place to reach so stop trying. You can loose yourself being nobody. Maybe go to the domain of nothingness. Become nothing.
Now tell me what are you willing to agree upon? Which theory is more suitable for you? Some people are diehard fans of some spiritual teachings. They have put all their eggs in some basket. They believe in that. Some don’t. So which one are you betting on being the perfect one? See, don’t get biased about anyone. Everyone is right and everyone can be wrong too. Who can tell, you wonder!
So again, why are you here?
You will be more confused listening to everyone and so the best thing to do is stick to the one that suits you better.
What is the truth then? Can you not live your life the way it unfolds? Why are you so much bothered about what is going to happen or not? Do you think you can control anything at all? Since you are the most confused person, then why not just let it be? See, so many sages propounded so many theories but what is the most suitable? It’s just like a Bollywood movie. Is there any specific success formula? None whatsoever, so what is the point of fretting about it? If you follow some diktats then you become religious. And you are not sure about it too. No God or religion can be satisfactory or explain anything at all. Everyone is floundering and getting lost. There are various biases and do’s and don’ts in this world of religion.
You have no control over your birth, nor your death. You cannot even control your day to day activities.
Can you not accept that you are just here for whatever the reasons or not? What use is that knowledge going to be if it doesn’t put food on your table? Doesn’t give you happiness or satisfaction? You don’t even get richer or powerful! All the people who dish out some god stuff are themselves perverts or disturbed in their minds so what use is trying to know that? Yet, the question rankles you- why are you here?
C’mon friend, there are no straight answers. You join a gym to be fit but till you don’t have a great trainer, you actually have no clue what you are supposed to do.
So if you are so much keen enough to know the truth about the question, get yourself some person who knows it first hand. That one is called the Guru. He is sure to personalize your program for getting to your answer. So dude, just go find Him!

Image Courtesy by pixabay