Why Are You Always Angry?

Why are you always angry? Is it not possible to be happy? Can you not learn yoga or meditation to be happy? Can you not ask your Guru how to get to that happy state?
Ask a person this question and an immediate response will be-

I am never angry!
Ok! Sometimes! Not always. Why do you think I am always angry? What makes you think that I am always in anger? I don’t like it. You always accuse me of that. When have I actually got angry? I am not stupid to get angry unnecessarily. It’s only when people take me for granted that I get angry. I hate anyone who accuses me. See now you have made me angry!

The one who is filled with anger doesn’t need a reason to get angry. They always wear red tinted glasses so they see the world smoldering always. The defect is not always with the world. They have to remove those glasses too.
Why are these glasses always there? Is it their inherent disposition or is there some need for them to see the world only red! The bull fighters always show the red cape and the bull charges. But you should know that the bulls are color blind so they are not angry at the color red but the flag waving at them infuriates them. So also the fact that angry people don’t need a situation to get angry. They get angry at anything waved at them. Even an innocuous word or action angers them.
Why does that happen? It happens because their mind loves to jump to conclusions even before anything has happened. It rules by conjectures and jumping to conclusions. Their mind is fastest in action. It draws blood even before you have cut them up. The mind lives and thrives on edge of seat decisions.
It is said people have deficient lithium in their body and once they take it the surge of serotonin creates a better state. Today we find such cures in the medical world but consider this, why does a person needs to be angry all the time? Can he avoid such foods that angers him? Can he avoid situations or people that irritate him? Can he listen to good music or do something’s that can keep him always in a conducive state? Can he not attempt to remain happy or content? If yoga or gym helps, can he not do that? If going for long walks or being with nature works, can he not be an outdoor person?
So it’s important to keep yourself always in a happy state. Removing the goggles from the eyes will help. Stop jumping to silly conclusions first. But ask yourself why do you often do that? Is it past memories? Is it the inadequacies that you feel? Is it fear or just plain inertia? Why does the mind always come up with negatives and reason with you?

In spiritual, we say positive attitude helps a lot. Being in the company of the holy is prescribed for all these folks. Reading spiritual texts and practicing pranayama or yogasana helps a few. Some do meditation or dhyana. Some practice japa yoga. Some dance and sing devotional songs and some write too. Keeping God as the centerpiece in your world and having single minded devotion to The Lord helps.
The one true friend and guide is the Guru. He helps you overcome that anger but first you need to ask for His grace. Surrendering at His feet you will be able to get to that blissful state. Surrender means following the instructions perfectly and not allowing the mind to dictate terms. If you allow your mind to tell you what to do, how can you expect spiritual happiness to come to you? You will always be a slave to your mind. To surmount that mind first you have to offer it at the feet of the Guru. Follow the simplest instructions given by Him diligently. He will be able to help you get rid of your innate desires and anger. Guru tatwa filling your innermost being will keep you centered in God and the path of devotion. You will reach the blissful state of satchitananda.

Why Are You Always Angry?
Why Are You Always Angry?

Image Courtesy by Rajima