Why Are You Confused?

Why are you confused? So lets try to remove your confusion first.
Open your laptop, take some moments to put it on. Let the screen come alive. Search for the created file and folder, open to the new list of things to do. Suddenly the calendar throws up a meeting in thirty minutes. You had forgotten about it. Your cell phone buzzes and you put in your fingerprint to open the home screen. There are a pile of whatsapp messages and some SMS’. You hurriedly scan through them. Suddenly you remember you were expecting a mail so open the check mail and a load of unanswered stuff loads up the screen. By the time you have finished the task the phone rings. You answer it and get frustrated beyond. There is some jerk trying to sell you some junk.
You have meanwhile meandered all over the place and its time for you to take the scheduled call.
So what really happened now? You were so distracted by technology that the one task you set out to DO was actually relegated to the dustbin. You know this is exactly how you fritter your precious life away!
Why not try some simple stuff now? Stop reaching for your laptop or your phone and other gizmos. Just take a simple paper and pencil and start writing down what it is that has more priorities in your life.
Keep all your other thoughts aside. Let the cellphone or laptop not bother you. Shut up your room or put mufflers or earphone on and let the world think you are listening to some songs. Let them think you are extremely busy. Remember the world believes that you are always busy.
Once the earphones are stuck up in your ear, don’t bother to answer any call or see some message. Shut down the ever on screen. Then take a simple pencil, eraser and writing pad and jot down all the things you need to do.
You will actually conserve a lot of your time and energy then. You will be less distracted and disturbed. You will have all your own attention.
Gathering your thoughts you can plan to eliminate a lot of uncertainty in life. Write it down. Do not get distracted by anything. FOCUS!
You will find there is no better way than this to remove your confused state of mind.