Why Can You Not Understand?

God! Why can you not understand what I am talking about? Now these words you have heard before. Right?
You will ask me why do I write so much about personal life and in such foul language?
So here is my explanation.
When I wrote on esoteric and highly spiritual stuff no one could correlate to it. To tell you a simple story is the easiest part since you will be able to see yourself in it and you will be able to correlate to it.
Writing about simple stuff is otherwise very difficult. But now that I write about it you can understand.
Jesus spoke in parables. Buddha spoke in Jatakas, Confucius spoke in analects and Krsna in coded language. How many actually understand these super cool stuff? Hardly anyone.
So ain’t it important I make my stuff simpler and understandable for your super brain? Come on! I am not joking that you are super brainy! Just think today you have to contend with tablets, computers, laptops, cellphones, televisions, motor cars, bikes, trains, etc… These people never knew anything like what you know about. So my endeavor is to make it simpler. So I talk the walk or whatever.
When I speak in your language you have a translator at the side, a Wikipedia, a dictionary, Google, Bing, Facebook and whatnot. Still you cannot decipher my simple language???
So I write in wtf and omg language. Still simpler stuff is needed you say?
C’mon you gotta be kidding me! Right? I write about making out, screwing up, affairs, sex, lgbt, woman’s lib and whatnot. Then you ask me if I am a spiritualist or what?
You mean to say a spiritualist is not supposed to write like this? He is the great prude who talks of meditation and yoga. God and stuff! Holy books and rites and rituals? Attending churches and temples! Wearing funny robes and screwing young girls?
But do you think anyone has seen God or know Him well? They all read stuff which is so brainy that it hurts. No one can understand. No one can interpret it. Even parents are lost trying to explain flying monkeys or strange and weird forms of gods to their kids. Men with ten heads and super aircrafts. Mountain lifters and sea parters. Can any normal human being do such stuff?
So how do I explain such bombastic stuff to you if I don’t do it in that silly stupid urban slang? You tell me!
See, my job is to make it simpler and easier for your cluttered brain to grasp. So I write for you. So you can understand. So I use expletives and foul language. I can only correlate to you. I came up from the same suburb and place that you did. I know how tough it is for you to know something. You need proof of the pudding. I am going to give you all that slowly and steadily in your own words.
God is never logical or knowable by simple language so I will make it simpler for you. I will offer you as much as your cluttered brain can take it.
Let’s give it a shot before I start the more heavy stuff. Keeping it simple and stupid is great. The KISS formula actually works. Now don’t start getting ideas!