Why Do We Possess?

Why do we possess, when we know that nothing belongs to us? We know that we have to leave everything behind when we go!
The waiter brought fresh glasses of water in which one was half full. Everyone drank from others except this one. Now, we don’t drink from a glass which we are suspicious about, that someone else has drunk from. But it changes when we drink from our beloveds glass even if it has some remnants in it! We identify with I, me and mine!
Our possessiveness is seen in everything so we don’t eat what others have left behind.
In spiritual, the disciple is first taught to ask from unknown people. To beg for food and


shelter. This is to remove shame and the biggest obstacle called EGO.
People are possessive about their relatives, houses, food, clothing, etc.. Those who com

e into spiritual with such baggages of worldly trappings need to be freed from this idea of “mine,” hence the Guru works in removing this ignorance from His disciples.
Those who believe that they are bereft of such worldly trappings and yet cling to those are called hypocrites. They consider everything as their own.
Being in spiritual, you cannot have such possessions. Even your shame is not your own, no

t even your children or family! What about money, job, gold, cars, houses, clothes, etc., even these cannot be possessed. You have only one thing to possess and that is your faith in the divine alone. You have to give up all trappings and become free of me and mine.
For progressing in spiritual, you have to become centered in yourself. You are just a tool in the hand of God and if you have any idea of ownership then it has to be relinquished. To become the best, consider yourself that you are only an instrument in His hands. Do any inanimate objects object when they are used or misused? No! Since they ar

e just tools and inanimate, they are feelingless. So bringing yourself to that level, where the will of God is your command, you will do what He deems fit for you and for His universe. Anytime you question that, you are using your mind and then you are not under His domain anymore. You are now under your own free will. Your own free will is making you liable for your own karma. So you are the master of your own destiny. God is not responsible for your actions.
Remember its your mind alone that can work in the direction of karma. When it happens in the natural course then it is Gods will alone. Even if your mind comes for a fleeting moment, it becomes your own karmic action!
So let go of your ego and the idea of mine. Know you are just a tool in His hands. He works th

rough your preceptor in the material world to pull you out of this rut of life and death cycles.