Why God Why?

Why, God, Why? When was it that your questions got some answers? Too many unanswered questions! How many of you face failures every single day? You guess almost all. Yet, you all hope and pray that you will get it right. But destiny always ditches you at the last minute. God, if there is one, you say, always plays hokey with you. Never allowing you to win ever.
So then where is the question of belief in the invisible? Someone you haven’t seen or heard at all? Why do you need to give so much of importance to that someone or something when things don’t go right? It is beyond logical thinking, why people have so much of dependency over this unknown one?
You can see your parents, so you depend on them for any help during childhood. As you grow up, your teacher or friends work alongside. Later, your spouse is the prop and colleagues. The bosses and workplace mentors help you. For other assistances you seek for professional guidance. Your health or wealth is monitored by the various professionals. Old age by superannuation benefits and old age homes. Your health by the doctors and medical care workers. Your funeral by funeral homes and directors.
All this is easily made available if you can provide for that. Money becomes the oil in the smooth running machinery. The oil lubricates your pathway to progress. So tell me where does god enter?
Now we come to crisis situations in life. First could be studies or education, career oriented courses and later jobs, then money and marriage, children and their upbringing, parents and old age cares. Insurance and promotions or career enhancements. Crimes or addictions, diseases and physical deformities, sickness and near death situations, inertia and anxiety, tensions and sufferings, problems and no peace of mind, taxes and livelihood, government action or just melancholia. Any of the above can strike you any moment and you have no choice but to look beyond the natural to esoteric.
You may consult the ones who deal with this unknown. It could be astrologers, palmists, quacks, holistic workers, yoga teachers or spiritualists, etc..
Finally when you have reached the end of the rope, you may land up in the place of worship. Now that’s a purely business like attitude of yours. You have come to explore if there are any possibilities for alleviation of your problems and issues.
You have heard your office colleague talk about that church where you can go and do the Novenas and you will get whatever you ask for. You trudged skeptically to that place and maybe found some answers. Maybe you didn’t. But you continued to visit that place more so often.
You have no idea why you landed up there in the first place. You don’t believe the divinity there gave you anything at all. But things seemed to fall in place. Would you say that it’s because you went there and so the things fell in place? It could be coincidence or as they call it destiny. Yes! You were destined to get your answers and every problem was solvable. It’s not that some god came and solved your issues. You were always the doer so where was the difference? Sometimes you have to humor those believers, you guess.
The visit to the shrine became like a ritual. You found yourself becoming fonder and going more so often. You started to listen to the priest there. Some of their ideas made sense, you thought. You took part in their annual weeklong jamboree too. You enjoyed meeting all those enthusiastic young people. You don’t even have any idea when god started to creep in. But He did and you became quite fascinated by Him.
You wanted to find out more how the whole thing works. You had questions and the priest had very little knowledge about the answers, leave alone the questions! He always dissuaded you from becoming too technical and asking tough questions.
Your initial curiosity was simple. You just wanted to know who was this God? Where does He live? What is this life all about? When did this world begin? So when you asked the priest these questions, he was patient in the beginning but later he threw the book at you. Told you to read the passages or study some stuff. He told you to connect with the online classes or join the weekend holy book classes. These questions though looked simple, yet none were able to satisfy you fully. They gave some bull crap and expected you to agree to it.
So what did those idiots think? They believe that you are the same type of student who will keep quiet and take in whatever they dish out? No way! Your thirst for knowledge became insatiable. No longer those petty desires of money or position, children or health were troubling you. You had greater wants. Those of knowing who this Master is! You had to know.
Your quest took you towards all kinds of esoteric religions. You studied literally every kind of book that would offer you some clues. You visited so many types of places, websites, classes, retreats and whatnots.
You understood that every religion taught about seeking God inside. They all spoke of meditation. They spoke of some vague books and techniques.
You then knew that these are all a sham. They were all after your money. Your analysis told you that no body exercise like yoga and taichi can give you happiness. No meditation can give you everlasting peace. No godman can grant you the vision of god. No retreats can give you peace of mind forever. No books can give you a proof to gods existence.
You became further disillusioned and wanted out of this dichotomy. Nothing made sense. No one had the complete understanding or knowledge about god. All that was a scam. After all those classes your body still hurt, you still fell sick, you had a hole in your pocket, your troubles never vanished and you still had bad dreams.
You believed that’s when God must have felt pitiful on your state. He sent you this person who seemed to just materialize out of nowhere. You have no idea where he came from. Maybe he was introduced by your close friend or someone. You have no clue. But he seemed genuine. He was no godman. A very simple human being who had all his worldly issues to contend with. He was married, had children, was not much educated and had little physical signs of knowledge.
Yet, something just fell in place. You could ask any question and he could readily give you answers. Sometimes to prove to you that what he was speaking was sensible, he quoted some texts. The two teachings actually matched.
Who is He? You don’t know. But you guess He knows a lot so that makes Him a Master. You now believe He is The One.

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