Why Save The Best For Last?

Save to best for last sings Vanessa. Why?
Once a young man visited his to be in laws place. He was served all sorts of food. The whole family watched him eat.
He didn’t like the brinjal so to get rid of it he ate it first. The mother in law thought her to-be son in law liked them so she kept on serving them. He kept on finishing it.
All his life, whenever he went to his in laws place, he was served brinjals.
We all have a habit of keeping the best for last and having those things which we don’t like first.
But the world perceives it differently. So always remember that there is no need to save the best for last. Have the so called best first. Who knows you can have better and better stuff after you finished your so called best!
Give the universe a chance to serve you still better.

Image Courtesy by pixabay