With You Forever

With you forever

Every time you forget about me, I remind you in a very subtle way that I am with you.
Haven’t you noticed that your most favourite songs will play up suddenly?
Haven’t you noticed the weather will change suddenly into a salubrious one?
Haven’t you noticed the movies that will remind you of me will play on tv?
Haven’t you noticed the birds will start singing on trees nearest to you?
Don’t you pay attention that I am trying to get to you by blinking at the street corner through the street lights and the back of the bus panel with enticing messages?
When you are sick and tired I offer you a lift home through an unexpected means of transport.
When you are standing in queue the people in front just melt away and the attendant is extra nice to you.
You do not have to ask for the best seat, you will always get it!
You wish for food and it arrives right in front of you suddenly.
You think of a close relative and the phone rings and find her on line.
You have not met an old friend and he sends you a message that moment.
But why do you always not remember me?
You are so lost in the worldly charms and think that things come naturally to you!
Doesn’t it ever ring a bell that I am making it happen for you?
You take me so much for granted that I am going to do things for you forever.
But I cannot expect the same from you.
I have given you this beautiful family and you are lost in it and bother about their whims.
I have given you this sumptuous meals and drinks and you eat like a glutton without offering it to me!
I gave you this house and yet you have thrown me in some corner which you visit rarely.
I gave you the car and you put me in front as a show piece to tease others and you hardly offer me a flower ever.
You only remember me when your child or dad is ill!
You only remember me when your very important deal is about to fall through.
How strange is it that today you transact all things because of me and attribute it to some human being in your life called husband or boyfriend or wife or a boss!
Look around you and you will find me in everything but you have closed your eyes because of the shine of the coins in your hand and the intoxication of the heady drinks.
Someday you should acknowledge me and give me the due respect but then you should first wake up from your worldly stupor and know that the scenery round you is because of me.
Just by mouthing some prayer you can never appease me.
Show me your love and I shall give you more love than you can ever imagine.
Just look at me now and know that I am with you constantly.The ones you thought of your own have all disappeared or are dead.I am the permanent one here and there too, so just love me more.

Image Credit: Pixabay