Write An Essay

write an essayThe teacher asked the children to write an essay. The topic was- Visit to the zoo.
The children were excited as they wrote the homework for the Christmas holiday. They knew their parents will take them to the zoo.
The parents knew the school expected them to take these children out, which they did.
The whole week was just that. Full of activity. The zoo visits, the aquariums, the garden visits and so on.
The children earnestly sat down to write the essay. They were very excited. They had shot several pictures of animals. They uploaded these to their online storage accounts. Then they typed out a pictorial essay or a blog for submission.
It was to be uploaded before the holiday ended.
The parents helped with trimming the photos and selecting them.
Only one child couldn’t submit with her own pictures. She went to the images in the search engines and downloaded a few and wrote an imaginary essay. On freedom!!!
The teacher asked her why she couldn’t go to the zoo? Her reply was astounding. Her single mother worked for the group which fought for human rights. She had no time for her child and had left her kid home alone locked up.
The girl could only write about her own feelings as she empathized with the zoo animals feeling caged and locked up. Her upbringing spoke about human freedom and she had written about animal freedom.
We consider freedom as our birthright. But do we empathize with the animals or birds we cage?

Image Courtesy by pixabay