Yoga And God!

There was so much furore over some school or institution asking their pupils to join a yoga class.
So who says yoga has nothing to do with God?
The classical explanation of the word yoga is “union with God!”


Now if the atheist don’t want to attend the class on yoga aren’t they saying something right?
They do not believe in God so why is the institution forcing them to do that?
I remember sitting in the moral science class and thinking the same thing in school.
The Christians were going for the mass and Catholicism classes but we were herded in one class and forced to learn some studies called moral science! I resented it all the time. I never believed in any God or way of life but I had to do that.
When I entered the field of spiritual, I came across many such things about belief and non belief.
There are religions which force people to certain ways of life which they resent at a later point in time. Teaching about God and yet forcing someone to bow down to Him or follow a certain path is not at all conducive in life for anyone, yet it is done! Certain dogmas which come bundled with the faith are extremely corrosive in nature.
Today I come across very young people who are going away from religion for this reason alone.
They don’t want to be herded in any direction. They believe God or the other powers are very benevolent and kind. It is all about love and goodness. They may believe in the humanitarian work of Mother Theresa or that of Mahatma Gandhi but not their religious leanings.
Aren’t there religions where the existence of God is very much at doubt and aren’t these religions very good? Take the case of Buddhism or Jainism. They put their hands together to their Supreme Master called Buddha or Mahavira. Does it make them rebellious in nature? Not at all! The Dalai Lama is a prime example which many people follow and he talks about world peace and so on.
I believe everyone should first get the perspective right before they start some belief systems.
Stop giving extreme examples about life and putting fear in the minds of the young ones.
God will smite you and put you through the ovens of hell and so on!
Ask yourself whether you believe in this bull crap yourself?
Why would some God be so inhuman(pun intended) and put you through hell?
I believe that God is all loving and kind and not someone who spews venom or gives threats!
And for those who do not have someone to believe in can believe in their own abilities too.
Doing yoga is a choice that should be given to those who sincerely wish to do but for those who believe it is jeopardizing their belief systems should not be forced into it.
You cannot call eating unfertilized egg as vegetarian since it comes from the hen so also by taking out the connotations that yoga has nothing to do with God is wrong. Yoga has everything to do with the union with divine so by calling it by some other name doesn’t make it impotent or an exercise alone.
Believing or not is your choice alone!