You Are Grounded!

groundedYou are grounded and I will take your phone away. In the USA you hear such words and wonder if that’s what you call punishment or reprimand for doing some nasty stuff. The child is subjected to this kind of punishment for disobedience.
There are states where you as a parent might have to punish your child but could get caught in legal action if you were to spank your kids. Is it strange or is it downright stupid? Let’s check it out here now.
The carrot and the stick method has been around since time immemorial. Numerous studies could never conclude which method is perfect. You have seen circus animals or some other on videos being given treats for performing some simple tasks and we treat our children that way. Do you believe they can be bribed to do something which is to be otherwise done by them only? Once the world believes that the only method of getting the best performance is by the way of the carrot, then you are giving birth to an ever hungry person. He will be programmed to expect stuff and without receiving the due payment, he will never perform to his capacity.
On the other hand to trash the living day lights of your kid is not right. Then what is the right method, you may ask? Anything done in excess is wrong. Sometimes fear is to be instilled in a person so that he doesn’t do wrong things. Hasn’t the state used fear as a mechanism for the purpose of governance and maintaining peace? Hasn’t the constitution been enacted so that humans can live in peace and harmony? Police force, jails, are made so that law and order is maintained. Extreme methods are used in jails too but will never be told to a normal person. Aren’t there states like the Gulf states or China or Singapore which have capital punishment or lashing in public as a method of punishment? It may be termed barbaric by some but the method works.
So if you see the above ways used by the state, what makes you think that anything done in moderation will be useless? So it is important to instill fear in the child and sometimes use severe methods of punishment like caning, etc.. At other times you can use the method of carrot too. Some sort of reward too will work but never make the mistake of creating an impression in the child’s mind that this is the only method. If the child gets in his head that everything had a reward at the end, then you are creating the biggest either/or method of living. He will always expect some sort of reward for doing even the most mundane work.
For the man to become dutiful and hard working, he should be taught that work is worship. It doesn’t pain to do hard work.
So stop being an idiot and don’t call the cops before beating up the child, like that man in California, to prove that you are within the confines of the law. What a dumb law which says you are not allowed to hand out punishment to your child for misdemeanor or disobedience whereas the state does the same to its citizen?
You are the right person to decide what is right or wrong for the child at that moment in time. So decide within the purview of the law and knowing fully well what you can do with in those circumstances. Take your own decisions as the need of the hour be. Whichever method you employ ensure that you don’t misuse it. I am sure you have seen the effect of your kind of reprimand and now are regretting it or approving it. So do what is right since you know the best.

Image Courtesy by pixabay