You Are Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy!

There is no need for you to feel sad or bad, just because you have failed. You can try once again. You have it in you to succeed so do well the next time!
These are the words we have said to our children, friends and colleagues too. We have often given them hopes after the debacle of failures. Even for those who have lost games or public positions. We say that there is always the second time. So we give them hopes to do well the next time.
But what is it that happened the first time? Why haven’t they succeeded at the first attempt? Is it less preparation or lack of confidence or sheer laziness? Whatever the reasons may be, these people have failed! Failure has brought them to try once again.
Life offers second chances, they say! But why does a person need second chance? Can he not do well in the first and avoid the failures? Is it destiny or what? The stars were not placed properly, the name was not spelt correctly, the astrologer had predicted failure, the black cat had crossed the path, there had been deaths at that time or simply their lover had ditched them? Stop bullshitting yourself!
Any reason goes well for failures. We love to give fantastic reasons for failing!
But those who succeed don’t have to give any reasons. They just do well and go ahead. So why do you come up with a million reasons? Haven’t you lost time because of failures? So stop giving reasons and start doing things the proper way. Just think this is my only chance to succeed and get on with it.
What is the use of fallback plan if you do well the first time? The second chance is for those who are ill prepared. So always prepare well in advance. Yes, you may not have control over the outcome but no one prepares for failures. But you can fail if you are falling short of preparation or less confidence.
Prepare hard, work smart, keep all the necessary tools ready for the occasion, pep up your confidence, keep good company of like minded people, take blessings of elders, pray to whomsoever you believe in and put the step with absolute confidence. All will be well. Even the universe will work magic for those who help themselves.
So put your best step forward and go win! You are your greatest enemy or your best friend! So be the best friend!