You Offered Me Freedom?

I offered you complete freedom and you didn’t even take it. Now you are telling me that you feel suffocated in this relationship? I didn’t ask you to get married to me. You proposed to me and we agreed to a few things before we got into marriage. You knew I couldn’t cook and I didn’t want a child. Now every single day, you keep on pointing that I should be cooking and we need to have a baby! I am not ready for any of those things.
See, I am not forcing you into anything at all. You needed your boys time out which I agreed upon and I give you that space. You said you loved to trek and go rock climbing and you do that almost every month. Am I objecting to that? You do what you please and when you please. Then why can you not let me be who I am? Is it now going to become more and more painful with every passing day? Then we better get off right now. Here and now!
Are you talking to me about divorce? I don’t think I am that lousy the way you make me out to be. I just asked if you could make a simple pilaf for today and you are giving me this tirade! Does making one stupid meal comprise of your cooking? Ok! I shall let it be. I will get my food from the restaurant here. Then you will be happy. You won’t have to cook. I still don’t get why the hell I got married, in the first place! We were better off as girlfriend and boyfriend. I will tell all my friends, never to get married. This entanglements of marriage are a big burden.

Do you notice how this deterioration is happening in a relationship? It just takes some loose words, some heartless talk, some deeds that hurt, some rules and regulations and their flouting. You hold everything against each other. No one is willing to accede to the other.
She is not willing to adjust to cooking some trivial stuff or finding a cook and he is not letting off his weekend jaunts with his friends.
Relationships are based on allowances and adjustments. Trying out newer stuff and stretching your imagination and not constraining or confining yourself. You are capable of more and more. You should give yourself the allowance to perform and stretch beyond your natural endurance levels. You are not exploring your full potentials to know where you can go. You should be able to look at change and accept it.
It’s easy to blame or say that these are my limitations. But tough to accept and move ahead. So give yourself a chance to prove you are far greater than what you believe you are capable of. Go beyond your limitations. Know you are limitless and boundless. Life will be a smooth run then! Expect some bends and rough patches too. There never is a smooth road anyway!