You Write Your Own Destiny

We always attribute our success or failure to our parents, grandparents, friends, teachers or some strangers. Jeff Bezos also attributed his success to his grandparents. Likewise all the great leaders too. Failures too are said to come from such folks. Remember the story of the great thief who said when being sentenced that had his mother pulled his ears when he brought home small stuff, he wouldn’t be going in for a lifetime imprisonment.Now why does a person attribute his movement in life to people or environment? We all need crutches and support systems. Sometimes we need someone else to take the blame. Look at all the stars at an Oscar ceremony.” I thank this one and that one and above all God!” Isn’t it funny? No one attributes it to his destiny.
It’s the destiny alone which makes you successful or a failure. No one else is responsible. You can yourself say that, ” I am the only one responsible for my own success or failures”.
It’s all a matter of you doing something in some previous life of yours which makes this life of yours what it is. We call it prarabdha karma.
So stop blaming or thanking anyone. Take the plaudits or brickbats yourself. Take all blame also.
Now can you straighten up your acts in this life which amounts to future karma so that you don’t have to suffer failures or heartbreaks then!
Lay a good foundation for the future now. Any which way the mango tree you planted in your childhood is bearing fruit now and you are nowhere near it. Maybe the one who is eating your mangoes will plant another tree from which you may be able to eat in some future life.
After all the world is round. What goes round comes round.
So stop blaming God or man for your failures and success. You are responsible for everything that happens to you. And stop clinging at straws! You don’t need anyone for anything.
God lives within everyone and so make that God in you work. Remove the veil of ignorance surrounding you. The power is within you to make it or break it. Empower yourself. Be that shining God yourself. You write your destiny!