Your Invisible Lover!

When you are hungry for love and you don’t seem to find it anywhere, you are willing to settle for a compromise. Most of this creations affairs are just another compromise.
Is there anytime in your life, when you could actually say that you found your dream girl or dream man? If you did, then did it last? Did your dream become a nightmare sooner than you realized? I know most of you will nod your head. But accepting it is extremely tough. To believe we have got a fake coin and you know it cannot buy you anything at all makes us disbelieve in true love.
But true love does exist and you need to aspire for that. Now you will wonder where to look for it? It is all around and yet not noticeable by you or anyone else. The love affair between the Inner Being and your body started at birth or before and will end only when this body dies. We never acknowledge it since we don’t know about it. Your Inner Being guides you, motivates you, nurtures you and takes care of you at all times. It has no self motivation to do so. It works in the background slowly and steadily.
One of the states it exhibits is called the witness state. It observes and notes everything but will never interfere with anything at all. Sometimes it works through a small voice which we call conscience and we may or mayn’t listen to! If we listen to it then we do not feel guilty about it but if we don’t then it pricks the mind. Like the saying goes,”guilty conscience pricks the mind!” Though the conscience is different than the witness state but it assists the conscience all the time. Whatever decision that is taken by you or your conscious state is motivated by a long thought process. It culminates into a karmic action.
Those actions which happen without applying your conscious mind are devoid of any karmic loops. These actions are naturally happening and non motivated. They are directed by destiny and just happen on its own.
Coming back to the love affair which is of a selfless kind, know that the Inner Being just does it out of love and doesn’t expect you to return anything at all. You or what we call our body, mind, intellect state does owe everything to that Inner Being, yet it has no desires or needs of any kind.
Reciprocation of love is very important so I will tell you how you can repay that. Even though the Inner Being doesn’t ask for anything at all, we should acknowledge it and attribute all that beautiful stuff to it. The best method of keeping the Inner Being blissful is to offer it the best of things. We should take best care of our body. Keeping it fit and fine at all times. Eating good food, exercising and keeping it heathy at all times. Addressing its needs like proper hygienic care and doing that which is required at the right time. If it becomes sick then you better take it to the doctor and address that issue. Wearing good clothes and being prim and proper.
Isn’t this what we do to the God in the temples? We anoint the deity, wash it, put beautiful flowers and show light to it. We offer good food as an offering also.
Now this is exactly what I am telling you to do. The Inner Being is your God and the deity and body is the temple. We offer all the beautiful stuff to it.
This love affair between the God or Inner Being lasts an entire lifetime. So be the best lover and continue to nurture it.