Your Past Comes To Haunt You!

When your past comes to haunt you and you don’t know what to do!
Everyone has left behind a horrid or unsavory past and had wanted it to die but the past has the capability to rise from the ashes much stronger. Destiny keeps us on our toes much longer than we want it to disappear.
These may be some habits that we have given up. Maybe it’s drugs, alcohol, laziness, inertia, lies, people like our ex’s, affairs that can never get approval of the society, sexual misconduct, espionage and secret liaisons, pilferages and theft, loans and credits, etc..
These suddenly seem to come back to us from nowhere. They show their ugly head up and keep us on tenterhooks. The factor called fear and ugliness associated with these so called shameful acts make our life miserable. We so much want them to disappear. But these are tenacious and persist till we find some solutions to it. These past circumstances blackmail us into again thinking about our hoary past. They make the devils rise.
You blame everyone else except your own self for your own creations. You want to bury your head in the sand or bang it on the walls.
Even the repercussions are terrible. They can affect the closest relatives, friends or jobs or business. You feel terribly ashamed at your past behavior.
You are here to find out why these instances reoccur or repeat themselves and how to overcome them.
First the genesis is always questionable or ill planned. You have broken away very severely with distaste or ugliness. Or you might have taken a severe beating to your ego or being. Circumstances or instances would have directed that movement. Now why do we fear these recurrences? For the repetition of the same mistakes you may say. But it’s there for you not to sway or fall into the same trap again. It’s lessons learnt that have to be implemented again.
You are again given a chance by destiny not to fall again. Never to repeat the same mistake again. Overcoming them with the strength of your will and character.
Even the best of men have to face it so what makes you think that you are being singled out?
The Pandavas again fell into the trap of gambling, actresses again marry the same philanderer, wars are repeated with the same enemy, financial disasters continually plague the economy, markets crash again and again, bad debts happen concurrently, countries face coups after coups, affairs and liaisons spread like wildfire.
No one is exempt but you gotta try to be safe than sorry. Face it and conquer the devils. Stop fearing them. Win with your own power. You have got the chance again to crush the rebellion of destiny once and for all with your own willpower and character. Do it!