turns comes

Your Turn Comes After 45 Years!

turn comesHave you ever wondered what kind of database God would be having for the zillions or gazillions of species that are produced? I can’t even think of the possibilities or permutation/combinations He would concoct! Now you say He singles you out for torturing you or making you suffer? Guess He must be loving you terribly to smash all your big problems on your head. I am sure you really feel so special. Krsna says He hardly can keep track of His own manifestations so why do you think He wants to trouble you especially? Stop thinking like that. You make your own destiny so you yourself are the owner of all your good work or misdemeanor. Why would He interfere in your silly life? Unless and until you have surrendered to Him, He won’t take up your case. You are driving on your own steam. And stop blaming Him for your troubles. And if you feel you are His lover or wife, guess your turn may come after 45 years. So stop feeling victimized! You are your own master of destiny!

Image Courtesy by pixabay