Your Ugly Past!

The unpalatable truth of your ugly past comes to the fore and you are unable to face it!
When the truth comes out and you have to face it, never bog down and shy away from it. Today when I was reading about the Pope who acknowledged to the world that he was a club bouncer and sometimes he even swept the floors just goes to show the greatness of that man. He had the guts to tell the world that he had done that. How many of us have the guts to do that? We are all yellow inside. Scared of the consequences and the ugliness that may spill over.
Now ask yourself why are you hiding it? What makes you think that the world will never know? It’s your past which is gone by and it has nothing to change about so why keep it in the closet. Here I am not saying that you deliberately should spill the beans but if the past comes up, you should never tell lies about it but face it squarely. The world naturally will condemn you but later will accept you and then it won’t matter. But keeping it hidden can cause you ulcers in the stomach and pain in the heart. Every time you face the present and the past comes haunting you, just chuck it out. Stop being coy or mysterious about it.
Remember if you lie about it, you will have to give a million more lies to hide that one. So why bother? Just come clean. You can face the music once and for all.
Everyone has an ugly past so don’t be scared about it. Being human, everyone is tainted. But truth is always glorious so be with the truth. Being Godly means being truthful.
Jesus was truthful and so are all the sages and saints. They might have done all sorts of things in the past but they had the guts to say it. Do you think I don’t have? Everyone has it! Even the greatest of the people. But God is truth. So we all acknowledge it first.
Reminds me of a famous book called,”My Experiments With Truth!” Gandhiji could write about his truth and face it.
When people come to me in spiritual, I know they have a past. So its important to first throw the past out. When you meet your Guru, know that he shaves your head, removes all your clothes and your past tendencies and makes you a new man or a woman. But if you are still having your dirty past sticking to you, then it’s not worth it. You may as well stay back there. Live in your past!
You are called twice born when you meet your Master. He gives you a new name and a vestment. This is to say you become a new person whose past has been thrown away. You don’t have any ownership except what your Master gives you. No parents or relatives, properties or relationships remain. Your entire being and world comprises of your Master alone. You don’t own anyone or anything.
So come to the spiritual world without your past. Throw it away in front of your Guru. Let Him give you a new life. Start your new life on the foundation of truth and godliness alone. Just like the Pope!

Image Courtesy by pixabay