Your Worth


How much are you worth in this world? Reading about a school boy in USA who claimed to be worth 8 figures or the Grumpy cat who made a hundred million for the owner, I wonder how much is the human life worth?
So let us try to think what could be your value?
To your mother, you are worth millions when you are small. But now that you are grown up she looks at you and says that she cannot take care of a worthless guy like you, who is a jobless misfit. Or your company HR values you as per the market value or your qualifications and experience worth. You think of your wife as a useless person who doesn’t do what you tell her to do and she behaves like a shrew. At other times the ex-wife wins an alimony and severance package worth half your earnings. That makes you a rich person from her anger point of view. But when she was your wife she scrounged and saved every penny. She thought of you as a poor person or maybe a miser. Your earnings were family earnings but the time of divorce, they became your money and mine! Strange, how values change!
What you are worth can be seen from every other individuals point of view. Conducive people think you are worth a fortune but your enemies think of you as a liability. Some people look at your wallet before putting a price tag to your worth. Such people sell themselves. Vendors who see that you are a novice in bargaining, hike the price and rip you off.
Taking advantage of the gullibility of the person, some attempt to take advantage of that individual. Taxi drivers or tour operators who take greenhorn tourists for a jolly ride exist in almost every country.
Our question still remains as to what is your worth? Ask another and they will tell you. Everyone’s perception is as per their own yardstick. So when you think you have reached a figure called richness, another goal juts out and tells you to come and tag it. You say a million dollars is rich, then what happens to hundred million or even a billion. Then where does ten or hundred billion go? The greed eggs you on and you will be trapped in becoming a slave to greed.
You think this is only about greed. Greed pushes you towards lust and anger. Every other wrong follows.
Your worth is only determined by you when you can never loose it. Which means money or wealth is perishable but knowledge isn’t. Knowledge stays with you and you can make proper use of it. But knowledge can be destructive too. Take the case of the one who used fission or fusion for creating destructive weapons. That’s wrong usage. So even though knowledge stays, it can become disruptive and destructive.
So the value worth of yours is that profound knowledge which makes you pliable and conducive to peace and tranquility. Not destructive or for the purpose of profiteering. Knowledge should be for free distribution and usage for constructive purposes.
So money and riches can come and go but knowledge stays. Use it for constructive purposes. Think progress and growth for this civilization and not for any dubious purpose. Spread peace and joy in this world. That’s true wealth.

Image Courtesy by pixabay